Jewelry and Valuables On Your Home Insurance Tampa

Jewhome insurance Tampaelry & Other Valuables On Your Home Insurance Tampa Policy

When shopping for home insurance Tampa or anywhere in Florida, it’s important to know that coverage and limits vary from company to company, but it is extremely important to know that jewelry, fur, silver, firearms or other valuables are uniquely covered on most home insurance Tampa policies. Standard policies will include some coverage for covered damage to these precious items, however, they tend to fall short of actual values and not include the peril of theft.

If you own valuable items it is important to go over these items in detail with your agent to make sure they are fully covered. There are two ways to cover this potential gap in insurance. One is to increase your liability limit on your home insurance Tampa policy through an added endorsement. You can raise both the per piece and the per occurrence limit for any loss, making sure to keep the value of your pieces in mind when selecting the option best for you. This endorsement does add annual premium to your policy, but it is typically minimal for the added benefit of properly insuring something valuable. The second method is to purchase a specific policy for your jewelry or valuable items – these are called Inland Marine policies. Though more expensive than an increased limit on your homeowner’s policy, it often provides more coverage, as well. The principal added benefit to an Inland Marine policy is that “mysterious disappearance” is covered for accidental losses, such as your ring falling down your kitchen sink drain. Almost all companies will require a recent appraisal before purchasing this type of policy.

If you have any questions regarding jewelry policies, please don’t hesitate to contact the Omega Insurance Agency.  We are here to help answer your insurance related questions.

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