Proud to Announce New Partnership with StormPeace!

Proud to Announce New Partnership with StormPeace!

Omega Insurance Agency, a full-service independent insurance agency offering home, auto, and business insurance, based in Tampa and serving all of Florida is proud to announce its new partnership with StormPeace.  StormPeace is a new type of hurricane protection that provides you with cash within days of being hit by a hurricane.  Essentially, it puts money in your pocket without the hassle of a insurance company claim adjuster and provides coverage for things that may not be included in your home insurance policy.

Most home insurance policies provide what is called a percentage deductible for a hurricane.  That means that if your home is insured for $200,000 and you have a 2% hurricane deductible, you are out of pocket the first $4,000 in damage from a hurricane.  If you have a 5% hurricane deductible, you are out of pocket the first $10,000.  Do you have a spare $4,000 or $10,000 laying around in the event your home is damaged in a storm?  Most people don’t.

This is where StromPeace comes in.  The amount of a claim payment from StormPeace is based on three things:

  1. How much coverage you purchase.
  2. The category strength of the hurricane.
  3. How close your home is in relation to the official hurricane track.

For example, if you purchase $4,000 in coverage from StormPeace, and your home is within 5-15 miles of a Category 3 hurricane, you’ll receive up to 70% of the coverage amount, or $$2,800 depending on your loss amount sustained.  If your home is 5 miles or less from the hurricane track of a Category 3 hurricane, you’ll receive up to 100% of the purchased amount of coverage, up to your sustained loss amount.

So, you may be asking, I already have hurricane coverage, aren’t I protected?  The answer is not so simple.  Because you may already have wind/hurricane coverage, there are generally some items that you may not be covered for.  These can include your screen enclosure, evacuation expenses, expenses not covered until you meet your deductible, damage to your landscaping, debris removal, etc.  More than likely, the biggest benefit with StormPeace is that the money can be used to pay for the deductible on your home insurance.

The fact is, most people don’t have a spare chunk of money laying around in anticipation of a hurricane striking their home.  In Florida, hurricanes are fairly common and can cause massive amounts of damage.  Don’t let something as valuable as not purchasing this important protection cost you thousands when a storm does hit.  Contact us today or visit to get your free quote today!

For your free StormPeace quote, visit  If you have questions regarding the StormPeace product, don’t hesitate to contact Omega Insurance Agency.

813-341-1530 or 888-663-5088


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I would like to thank you for your assistance in placing my home owner’s coverage. I was concerned when I received a notice of non-renewal from Liberty Mutual because they are reducing their overall hurricane coverage in Florida. You and your staff were able to place my coverage at a very competitive price. Thank you for answering all my questions in such a professional matter.
Amy Pikulski